• McCrory: New Bridge Meaningful for Dare

    Gov. Pat McCrory, during a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, talks about the importance of the long-awaited replacement for the aging Bonner Bridge for the livelihood and safety of Dare County residents.

  • Humming Down U.S. 70 to the Beach

    The drivers of electric cars, proponents say, are an untapped source of beach tourism. But to get the cars here, more main roads, like U.S. 70, need places where they can stop and recharge.

  • Mirlo Bypass OK’d in Bonner Bridge Deal

    Two of three requirements set forth in the deal to replace the aging Herbert C. Bonner Bridge in Dare County have been met, including approval of the “jug-handle” bypass of Mirlo Beach.

  • Deal Struck for New Bonner Bridge

    Environmental groups have reached an agreement with the state to drop their legal challenges against building a replacement for the aging Bonner Bridge.

  • U.S. 64 Project Leaves Aging Bridge Hanging

    Plans for widening the eastern end of U.S. 64 are now on hold. That’s fine with most locals, but many think the old swing bridge over Alligator River is overdue for a replacement.

  • Currituck Bridge Gets New Life

    A new state plan for North Carolina’s road construction over the next decade was unveiled last week and it includes the long-delayed bridge across Currituck Sound.

  • Deal Would Allow Bonner Bridge Replacement

    The state and environmental groups are working toward a compromise that would allow work to begin on the stalled replacement for the aging Bonner Bridge over Oregon Inlet in Dare County.

  • Stemming the Stampede

    New rules have brought some order to the free for all along Currituck Banks where tourists and tour guides crowded the beaches for a chance to see the wild horses.

  • A Road Story With a Happy Ending

    Against all odds, it appears that two small communities along the proposed U.S. 64 widening project in northeastern North Carolina will get the route they wanted, while sparing thousands of wildlife from becoming road kill.

  • NC12-mirlo

    A Tour of N.C. 12

    Coastal Advocate Ladd Bayliss takes readers on a tour of the tenuous N.C. 12 from Nags Head to Rodanthe.