Culture & History

  • Beaufort’s Scandinavian, Dutch Fishermen

    David Cecelski writes about the “largely forgotten enclave of Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch fishermen” who, along with their families, left New Jersey to make their home in Beaufort beginning in the 1910s.

  • Event to Celebrate Wright Brothers’ Flight

    The National Park Service and First Flight Society are set to honor Dec. 17 the 116th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ achievement at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.

  • Our Coast’s History: Chloe’s Story

    The only recorded passage about the life of Chloe, a woman enslaved in Currituck County in the first half of the 1800s, reveals a great deal about her and the lives of other enslaved women on the North Carolina coast.

  • Loss of the Bounty, A Personal Recollection

    Outer Banks resident James Charlet recounts his experience seven years ago monitoring the rescue of the crew of the Bounty replica ship that was lost off Cape Hatteras during Hurricane Sandy.

  • Songs From the ‘Mountains to the Sea’

    The state premier of “From The Mountains to the Sea: The Anne and Frank Warner Collection” about their lifelong search for songs of rural America will be Nov. 2 in Wanchese.

  • Event to Celebrate Promise Land’s History

    Ravaged by storms in the late 1800s and seeking opportunity, former Cape Banks islanders and founding residents of Morehead City’s Promise Land neighborhood are to be honored Oct. 26.

  • Remembrance Marks African Slaves’ Arrival

    An event this past weekend at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site featuring Freedmen’s Colony descendants observed the 400th year since enslaved Africans were first brought to America.

  • North Carolina and the Turpentine Trail

    Historian David Cecelski writes about North Carolina losing its stranglehold on the naval stores industry after the American Civil War, forcing workers to follow the “turpentine trail” in search of untapped longleaf pine forests in other southern states.

  • Hundreds Relive Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

    Attendees showed the same awe and wonder while reliving the Apollo 11 moon landing Saturday at the Wright Brothers National Memorial, just as when the event took place 50 year earlier.

  • Event Recalls Drama of Lighthouse Move

    Twenty years ago, there was little agreement on how to save the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, but common ground was the theme during Monday’s celebration of the 23-day “Move of the Century.”