Culture & History

  • Researchers Reveal OBX Shipwreck Stories

    As the 75th anniversary of the sinking of two World War II vessels off the Outer Banks approaches, researchers dive deep to uncover secrets that went down with the ships all those years ago.

  • Lost Colony Production To Celebrate 80 Years

    America’s longest-running outdoor symphonic drama, “The Lost Colony,” celebrates its 80th year this Friday at its opening show, which features high-tech upgrades and alumni appearances.

  • Our Coast: Honoring British Allies of WWII

    Since 1942, the lives of British soldiers who defended the Atlantic coast, including North Carolina’s, during World War II have been honored during ceremonies on the Outer Banks.

  • Our Coast’s History: Penderlea

    The farming community of Penderlea in Pender County can trace its roots back to the Roosevelt’s New Deal, when it the first of 152 homestead projects designed to help disadvantaged farmers make a better life during the Great Depression.

  • Our Coast’s History: Rogues’ Harbor

    Colonial Virginians called it “Rogues Harbor,” a derisive term for the Albemarle region, suggesting that pirates, debtors, revolutionaries and outcasts had settled the area.

  • Taste of Core Sound Focuses on Carvers

    This year’s Taste of Core Sound program, set for Feb. 24, will celebrate the legacy of the Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild and will feature the three surviving members of its “Original Seven” founding board members.