• NC-Style Fried Fish Sandwich Is the Real Deal

    Whether takeout or made at home, a North Carolina-style fried fish sandwich puts the fast food giants’ offerings to shame, and our Liz Biro shares tips on how to do it right and where to find the best ones made to order.

  • Iced Tea Day Celebrates Southern Brew

    Sugary sweet and steeped to perfection, it’s the quintessential Southern beverage that’s also getting attention far beyond the region: June 10 is National Iced Tea Day.

  • Lockdown Cravings? Where to Buy Seafood

    Stop dreaming about soft-shell crabs and shrimp burgers — North Carolina seafood markets are open and offering shipping, delivery and curbside pickup as the statewide stay-at-home order continues.

  • Rum Cake A Coastal NC Holiday Tradition

    Rum, an important commodity during North Carolina’s Colonial period, remains as an important ingredient in holiday baking, lifting spirits even among the teetotalers.

  • Burgers: How Eastern NC Goes ‘All the Way’

    A Carolina burger is assembled according to its own rules, with “all the way” meaning chili, onions, coleslaw and yellow mustard — cheese is optional, says our Liz Biro, who shares her favorites.

  • New Year’s Food for Good Luck

    Our Liz Biro takes a look back at her “Our Coast’s Food” recipes and presents an entire menu of good luck dishes for New Year’s Day.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Christmas Sausage Balls

    Our Liz Biro writes that when it comes to holiday nibbles in North Carolina, nothing beats sausage balls — mini-meatball morsels of pork and cheddar cheese — but proper preparation is key.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Mac and Cheese

    Liz Biro explains why you should add a baked macaroni and cheese, served at many southern tables during Thanksgiving, to your holiday dinner table.