• Our Coast’s Food: The Spots Are Running

    When spots are schooling, from late August to November, coastal folk are known to “fry up a mess of ’em” and enjoy their mild, sweet flavor, a favorite for generations.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Pig Pickin’ Cake

    Our Liz Biro shares her love for the pig pickin’ cake, one of North Carolina’s favorite layer cakes that’s best served chilled, and, since it’s a short list of simple ingredients, a breeze to make.

  • Ten Ways to ‘Mess With’ A Tomato Sandwich

    A white bread tomato sandwich with mayonnaise, salt and pepper could be the official summer food of the N.C. coast, but our Liz Biro offers 10 perfectly acceptable variations on the classic.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Holiday Cheese Ball

    Cheese balls may not immediately come to mind when considering holiday food traditions, but the creamy spheres covered with nuts and served with crackers are a longtime favorite on the North Carolina coast.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Mullet Roe

    An exotic delicacy in many cultures dating back thousands of years and a staple and way of life for North Carolina coastal fishing families since Colonial times, mullet roe has gained new favor among top chefs.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Odd Pairings

    Peanuts in Pepsi, Ritz crackers as a lemon pie crust, fried spot and grits — some food combinations enjoyed on the North Carolina coast may seem a bit weird to outsiders.

  • Coastal Cookbooks You Must Have

    Our food writer Liz Biro picks the books that help tell the story of Eastern North Carolina cooking. They are essential reading for anyone who loves our coast, she writes.