• Our Coast’s Food: Lightning Rolls

    Christmas is about five weeks away, but our food writer, Liz Biro, can already smell the yeast rolls, called “Loitin’ Rolls” along the Core Sound and the Outer Banks, baking in the oven.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Candied Yams

    Candied yams is a favorite Southern dish but this noble, historically significant root deserves a more fitting crown than the familiar marshmallow goo.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Cornbread

    Introduced to colonists by native Americans, cornbread, a simple staple that varies in preparation from region to region, continues to endure as it evolves.

  • A Simple Favorite: Shrimp Cocktail

    Shrimp cocktail has been a familiar appetizer since the early 1900s, and while the preparation may be simple, seasoning and presentation can make it unique.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Brunswick Stew

    Recipes for this traditional, Southern coastal stew are sure to cause an argument. Is it chicken or pork, opossum or squirrel? Should it be thick or soupy?

  • Our Coast’s Food: Seafood Fritters

    Various versions of Carolina seafood fritter recipes exist but the basic idea is an ages-old, delicious way to stretch portions and lure friends and family.

  • Simple Secrets of Carolina Fried Fish

    Summer is fish-frying time. Frying seafood may seem simple but these coastal chefs share their secrets: fresh fish, light breading, simple seasoning and hot oil.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Layer Cakes

    Our food writer Liz Biro pays homage to Linda Johnson, her culinary mentor, and to Miss Johnson’s signature dish: That delicious mound of gooey goodness known as the layer cake.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Collards

    Snooty food encyclopedias may consider this Southern staple to be similar to kale. But Tar Heels know better. Stewed slowly with hamhocks and a dash or two of Tobasco…. well, “mmm, mmm, mmm,” as Bob Garner might say.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Fishermen’s Favorites

    Tired of flounder and grilled mahi? Try the fish that fishermen and chefs prefer: bluefish, mackerel, sheepshead, mullet and croaker. We offer some recipes and cooking tips so you, too, can be an old salt.