• Our Coast’s Food: Candied Yams

    Candied yams is a favorite Southern dish but this noble, historically significant root deserves a more fitting crown than the familiar marshmallow goo.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Cornbread

    Introduced to colonists by native Americans, cornbread, a simple staple that varies in preparation from region to region, continues to endure as it evolves.

  • A Simple Favorite: Shrimp Cocktail

    Shrimp cocktail has been a familiar appetizer since the early 1900s, and while the preparation may be simple, seasoning and presentation can make it unique.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Brunswick Stew

    Recipes for this traditional, Southern coastal stew are sure to cause an argument. Is it chicken or pork, opossum or squirrel? Should it be thick or soupy?

  • Our Coast’s Food: Seafood Fritters

    Various versions of Carolina seafood fritter recipes exist but the basic idea is an ages-old, delicious way to stretch portions and lure friends and family.

  • Simple Secrets of Carolina Fried Fish

    Summer is fish-frying time. Frying seafood may seem simple but these coastal chefs share their secrets: fresh fish, light breading, simple seasoning and hot oil.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Layer Cakes

    Our food writer Liz Biro pays homage to Linda Johnson, her culinary mentor, and to Miss Johnson’s signature dish: That delicious mound of gooey goodness known as the layer cake.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Collards

    Snooty food encyclopedias may consider this Southern staple to be similar to kale. But Tar Heels know better. Stewed slowly with hamhocks and a dash or two of Tobasco…. well, “mmm, mmm, mmm,” as Bob Garner might say.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Fishermen’s Favorites

    Tired of flounder and grilled mahi? Try the fish that fishermen and chefs prefer: bluefish, mackerel, sheepshead, mullet and croaker. We offer some recipes and cooking tips so you, too, can be an old salt.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Banana Pudding

    Here’s a recipe for old-fashioned banana pudding. The soft, sweet custard full of banana flavor melts its typical Nilla Wafer crust as quickly as it does Southerners’ hearts.