• Our Coast’s Food: Muscadines

    Clerks at snooty wine shops may turn up their noses at the notion, but our food writer celebrates North Carolina’s native grape.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Chicken-Necking

    A good crab boil starts with a chicken-necker. That’s someone who uses a dip net, a piece of string, a fishing weight and a chicken neck to catch blue crabs. We tell you how.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Southern Biscuits

    A warm biscuit, golden buttery around a soft center, shaped by a loving cook’s hand, remains a much-desired serving of tenderhearted Southern hospitality.

  • Our Coast’s Food: We All Scream for … Oyster Ice Cream?

    We like our oysters any way we can get them — steamed, fried, baked, in soups and stews or just pried open and dotted with Tabasco. But we were surprised to learn that an ice-cream maker in Wilmington turns our favorite bivalve into a creamy concoction. With sprinkles, we hope.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Oyster Stew

    Coastal N.C. natives will put up with jalapenos in their pimento cheese and bourbon in their pecan pie, but don’t mess with their steaming bowls of oyster stew.

  • Our Coast’s Food: The Seafood Bible

    For more than 30 years, Joyce Taylor taught North Carolinians how to buy, cook and store N.C. seafood. Her book remains as indispensable to seafood cooks as a shrimp peeler.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Sweet Potato Pie

    The rich, spicy treat these days may pop up most often at the end of holiday meals, but in years past sweet potato pie was the start of a hard-working fisherman’s day.

  • Our Coast’s Food: Charcoal Mullet

    Fall’s first chilly nips trigger a smoky scent along North Carolina’s coastal back roads where embers in barbecue pits and grills coax the savory smell of an old-fashioned dish locals lovingly call “charcoal mullet.”

  • Our Coast’s Food: No-Frills Seafood

    The simple clam chowder, the basic drum stew with cornmeal dumplings or broiled mullet paired with fresh watermelon are the sorts of recipes that might have been lost had it not been for “Coastal Carolina Cooking.”