• Lockdown Inspires Outer Banks Students’ Art

    The pandemic lockdown has inspired university students stuck at home on the Outer Banks to further explore and develop their creativity, much like Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare during their day.

  • Christina Koch Describes View of NC Coast

    Astronaut Christina Koch hasn’t seen her hometown of Jacksonville since her last pass over the N.C. coast aboard the International Space Station, but she says that view is seared in her memory.

  • Navassa History Misunderstood: Planner

    Navassa town planner Barnes Sutton, who has spent the last two years trying to balance growing the small town while preserving its history and heritage, says much of that history has been obscured.

  • ‘Where I’m Supposed to Be:’ Navassa Planner

    After spending most of his childhood bouncing from one military base to the next, Barnes Sutton, Navassa’s planning director, says the largely African American community is the place to settle and put down roots.

  • Aquarium Vet Emily Christiansen Talks Turtles

    She nearly opted to major in linguistics, but Emily Christiansen, veterinarian for the N.C. Aquariums, instead chose biology and a career where she must understand ailing sea creatures and communicate with students and researchers.

  • Nonprofit Offers Help For Dorian Survivors

    Government assistance for Ocracoke and Hatteras to recover from Hurricane Dorian has been slow, but the nonprofit Outer Banks Community Foundation is providing relief where it can.

  • Our Coast’s People: The Birdman of Hatteras

    In the nearly a decade since Lou Browning opened the nonprofit Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc., the trained falconer has cared for hundreds of sick and injured wild animals at the infirmary in Frisco.

  • Kayaker to Talk Climate While Paddling ICW

    Will Freund is raising funds and gearing up for his “Climate, Kayak and Conversation” a three-month, 1,000-mile project from Miami to Norfolk to collect stories from those impacted by climate change.

  • Struggles Remain As Ocracoke Awaits Visitors

    As Ocracoke residents rebuild from Hurricane Dorian’s devastation and prepare to welcome visitors back for the first time since before the storm, merely coping remains a challenge.

  • 6-Year-Old Raises Big Bucks for Ocracoke

    Lilly Anderson, daughter of Rusty and Kim Anderson of Morehead City, recently set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Ocracoke’s damaged school, hauling in more than $8,700.

  • Group Offers Aerial Views of Coastal Change

    Kip Tabb shares his experience winging over the Outer Banks on a king tides and sea level rise photo reconnaissance flight with a pilot who volunteers for the nonprofit conservation group SouthWings.