• John Fussell: Bird Watcher, Bird Defender

    John Fussell turned his childhood fascination with birds into a career, defending and protecting their habitats, and after decades in the field, he still loves his “fine feathered friends.”

  • Bird Island ‘Mayor’ Frank Nesmith Looks Back

    Others now lead tours of the coastal reserve, but Frank Nesmith, 90, the man whose love for Bird Island sparked the effort to spare it from development, still enjoys connecting with kindred spirits.

  • Coastal Sketch: April Clark Strikes A Balance

    April Clark of Swansboro is a business owner and environmental advocate who manages to maintain equilibrium in her efforts to protect natural resources and promote economic growth in a small coastal town.

  • Remembering Lena, Voice of Stump Sound

    Lena Ritter, a lifelong fisherman and unlikely environmental advocate who worked tirelessly to save an Onslow County island and its surrounding waters from development, died Monday. She was 80.

  • Coastal Sketch: Keith Rittmaster

    Keith Rittmaster of Beaufort is amused by his Pelican Award for his work preserving and protecting whales and dolphins. Most of the marine mammals he encounters professionally, he notes, are already dead.

  • Coastal Sketch: Carlton Campbell

    Carlton Campbell of Cary spent much of his life in the quiet of a greenhouse or out in the marshes, slowly revolutionizing the way our salt marshes are restored, protected and preserved.

  • Coastal Sketch: Michele Lamping, Turtle Saver

    Michele Lamping, volunteer coordinator of the Atlantic Beach sea turtle patrol for the last seven years, shares her passion for protecting the ocean creatures as they come ashore to nest.

  • Pilkeys Seek to Inspire Young Scientists

    Noted geologist Orrin Pilkey and his son Charles provide a scientific method for loving the coast in their new book, “Lessons from the Sand: Family-Friendly Science Activities You can do on a Carolina Beach.”

  • Coastal Sketch: Brooke Breen

    As an experienced wildlife rehabilitator, the new executive director of the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Carteret County knows time is of the essence.