• Louis Moore: An Original Tree Hugger

    Louis T. Moore, the longtime secretary of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce in the mid-20th century, had the head of businessman but the eye and heart of a poet. He championed protecting the city’s natural beauty, especially its trees, before such notions were popular.

  • Meet Midge Ogletree

    For Midge Ogletree of Columbia, retirement wasn’t exactly about relaxing, but more about giving back. She serves on the Columbia Board of Aldermen and on the federation’s Board of Directors and works tirelessly to restore the environment of the northeast N.C. coast.

  • Volunteers Protecting a River

    Meet federation volunteers Kevin Talon and Phyllis Evans, members of what’s become known as the Lockwood Army, so-called because of their disciplined and tireless contributions to the health of Brunswick County’s Lockwood Folly River and Inlet.

  • blackwood-flounder

    Coastal Sketch: Russell Blackwood

    Come enter the aquatic world of this Buxton resident and freediver who uses his camera to take intimate photos of the denizens of the not so deep.

  • herring-SNCC, one man one vote, civil rights

    Meet Margaret Herring

    Margaret Herring’s advocacy comes honestly. She marched with blacks in the South in the 1960s and worked with poor white coal miners in Kentucky. And it almost killed her.

  • Beth Moulton: A Jill of All Trades

    A keen interest in kayaking brought Beth Moulton into the office one day almost 10 years ago, and her love for the coast has kept her coming back to help keep things moving smoothly around here.

  • kids-planting, rain garden

    Manteo’s Rain Garden Lady

    Mary Ann Hodges, a teacher at Manteo Middle School, knows that kids can learn from doing something as simple as planting a tree.

  • parrot head

    Meet the Parrot Heads

    You won’t go far at this weekend’s Native Plant Festival without bumping into Parrot Heads, who like to say they party with a purpose.

  • Veronica Carter

    Coastal Sketch: Veronica Carter

    It took a long time for Leland’s Veronica Carter to become an environmental activist and volunteer for the N.C. Coastal Federation, but it was a role she’d been preparing for most of her life.

  • Ron McCoard, volunteer

    Ron McCord, a Great Ambassador

    There was no “Aha!” moment, no defining event that crystallized Ron McCord’s long-time commitment to the federation. It was, rather, a steady growth in his awareness of the environmental threats posed to the coastal region he had adopted.

  • Coastal Sketch: Harry Brown, the N.C. Senate’s ‘Fixer’

    State Sen. Harry Brown of Jacksonville is the majority leader and the coast’s highest-ranking legislative leader. A well-known car dealer, Brown talks about juggling his business life with a hectic schedule in Raleigh and his ability as a “fixer.”