• Our Coast: Why Tar Heels Love Wilmington

    History, natural features and growing restaurant and brewing industries in Wilmington help explain why this coastal city was recently voted the state’s most favorable.

  • What’s In A Name? Pender County Places

    From Atkinson to Yamacraw, Beattys Bridge to Watha, examining the unusual place names in Pender County can help in understanding the history of the North Carolina coast.

  • What’s In A Name? New Hanover Places

    From Castle Hayne to Monkey Junction, Dry Pond to Zeke’s Island, New Hanover County has a number of unusual place names, with stories that are part of the history of the North Carolina coast.

  • Down East Folks Cry Foul Over Team Name

    Residents of Down East communities in Carteret County aren’t happy that the new minor league baseball team in Kinston has assumed their coastal identity in its chosen name, the Down East Wood Ducks.

  • What’s In A Name? Brunswick County Places

    From Bolivia and Calabash to Winnabow and Waccamaw, Brunswick County features many unusually named places, and getting to the origins of those monikers brings to life the rich history of the North Carolina coast.

  • Sharing The Beauty of The N.C. Coast

    For those looking to entertain holiday visitors, getting outside and sharing the special places all along the N.C. coast is sure to create lasting memories.

  • Rachel Carson and the Great Awakening

    Rachel Carson came along at the right time, when Americans were finally awakening to the vast natural beauty around them. Her writings would help us realize what we were losing after decades of mass slaughter.

  • Walking in Rachel Carson’s Footsteps

    In this the first of two parts, writer-photographer Jared Lloyd spends time at the Rachel Carson Reserve near Beaufort to relive the time the great writer and scientist spent there while working on her first book.

  • Tearing Apart, Coming Together

    Waves and wind can bring destruction and sorrow, but they bring people together. After a storm, the people of Hatteras Island look out for each other.

  • Outer Bankers: Riders on the Storm

    This is a story about a few of the men and women whose home is a fleeting sandbar; whose lives are dictated by the wind and the water; whose resolves are unshakable. These are the men and women who have weathered the storm.