• Seashell Bounty

    Take some time on this holiday weekend to comb North Carolina’s beaches for their bounty of seashells. We offer some tips.

  • Take a Drive to See Bears

    The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge offers guided drives this summer to view black bears. More bears live in the refuge than in just about any other place on the East Coast.

  • Kayaking Calico Creek

    Urban Calico Creek might not be considered a worthy destination by some, but a local paddler makes its case.

  • Shackleford Banks

    Wild horses are among the many natural attractions that make this preserved barrier island near Beaufort worth a visit.

  • Hike the Green Swamp

    The 17,000-acre preserve in Brunswick County is home to numerous species of rare birds, alligators and carnivorous plants, such as the Venus flytrap.

  • Roaming Ocracoke Inlet

    A trip through the inlet feature sites of Civil War forts, Blackbeard’s lair, the deserted village of Portsmouth and baby pelicans on Beacon’s Island.

  • Take Climb Up a Lighthouse

    Bodie Island Lighthouse is said to offer “one of most commanding views from an Outer Banks lighthouse.” Now, you can go up and take a look for yourself for the first time in the structure’s 141-year history.

  • Look for Revamped Magazine Soon

    Ours is a breathtaking, water-loving land, and the glories one finds in these wild redoubts are many. The federation’s new travel guide beckons you to ramble afoot, afloat, afield to coastal spots both accessible and off the trodden track.

  • Northeast Cape Fear River

    Bald eagles are among the endangered and rare creatures that live along the river, but environmentalist fear what another potential resident — the Titan Cement plant — will do to the river.