• Hatteras Center, Ecology Park Set to Open

    Sea turtles will get prominent display space at the Hatteras Island Ocean Center’s new education center that should open this spring. The center will also have trails through the wetlands and free kayak and paddleboard launches.

  • Remembering the Fight to Save Bird Island

    Residents who fought for 10 years to stop development of the island near Sunset Beach will gather this week to dedicate a kiosk that describes the fight and why it was worth waging.

  • The Serengeti of North Carolina

    Thousands of migrating waterfowl are attracted to Lake Mattamuskeet each winter where they join the native black bears, otters, bobcats, mink, snakes, sliders, herons, egrets and dozens of other species. It is Sam Bland’s kinda place.

  • Jockey’s Ridge: Saving the Giant

    It was 40 years ago that Carolista Fletcher Baum stepped out in front of a bulldozer to spark a movement to save the highest sand dune on the East Coast.

  • Bear Island in the Winter

    Sam Bland, our naturalist, returned recently to the home of his heart, his spirit, his soul. Come walk with him on the winter beach as he rediscovers old friends — keyhole urchins and the murex, crystal skippers and fierce antlions.

  • The Rachel Carson Reserve

    Majestic wild horses are just some of the creatures that inhabit this wildlife oasis just a short paddle from the Beaufort waterfront.

  • Fall Is Empty Beaches and Showy Skies

    Fall on the coast can be magnificent. Cooler temperatures and cooler water make getting outside enjoyable again. Take a stroll along an empty, catch some Spanish for supper and take in the celestial show.

  • A White Oak River Relaxathon

    The federation and a Swansboro business offer adventurers a chance to set out on the beautiful White Oak River for a little sightseeing, paddling, swimming and light yoga.

  • Woods’ Wonders Now Open to All

    One man’s desire and persistence has lead to a nature trail at the Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve that allows the disabled and others to enjoy the woods’ beauty.

  • cedar-island-Seaside-Dragonlet-male, dragonfly

    Cedar Island Refuge

    The refuge’s squadrons of mosquitoes and deer flies chased Sam Bland back to his truck, but the dance of dragonflies mesmerized him.