Wildlife & Nature

  • Lookout Closer to Becoming Dark Sky Park

    Cape Lookout National Seashore rangers and Crystal Coast Stargazers Club members are chipping away at the yearlong application process for designation as an International Dark Sky Park.

  • Bird Care Continues at Cape Amid Lockdown

    The pandemic has not affected the mission of protecting endangered shorebirds at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but the absence of people has brought rare winged visitors.

  • Portuguese Men-Of-War Dot NC Beaches

    They don’t always show up this time of year, but since early May Portuguese men-of-war have been washing up on beaches up and down the North Carolina coast, so step carefully.

  • Birders Count Portsmouth’s Avian Population

    Ocracoke Observer’s Peter Vankevich, birders and National Park Service staff made their way to Portsmouth village to identify and count birds for Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count.

  • Summer Brings Southern Rarities, Songbirds

    While some migratory shorebirds can still be spotted on the Outer Banks, Jeff Lewis says birders can find plenty of breeding terns and gulls as well as songbirds this time of year.

  • Warblers and Shorebirds and Terns, Oh My!

    Outer Banks birder Jeff Lewis writes that spring birding on the Outer Banks is awesome in May, when songbirds, shorebirds and wading birds are in their most beautiful plumage.

  • Plymouth Set to Celebrate Black Bears

    The N.C. Black Bear Festival, set for May 31-June 2, honors the hefty creature so abundant in the state’s northeast and commemorates National Black Bear Day with bear-themed fun.

  • Beachcomber’s View: Whelks Versus Conchs

    Longtime Outer Banks beachcomber Kristin Hissong explains the myriad differences between conchs, which typically prefer tropical waters, and whelks that are often found on Outer Banks beaches and a favorite of collectors.