Wildlife & Nature

  • Audubon NC Expands Native Plant Guide

    Audubon North Carolina has released an updated list of 700 recommended native plants to help gardeners, landscapers and others make selections that help birds and pollinators.

  • October Brings More Migrants Heading South

    Birder Jeff Lewis runs through the possibilities of birds that may be spotted this month along the coast and invites fellow bird lovers to the 22nd annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival Oct. 16-21 on the Outer Banks.

  • That Which We Call A ‘Starfish’

    What’s in a name? Would the creatures we know as “starfish” or “sea stars” be as stellar if called something else? Our Jared Lloyd wades into the debate over how best to refer to these echinoderms.

  • Ocracoke’s Trumpeter Swan Has Flown On

    Ocracoke recently hosted for two months a rare avian visitor, the trumpeter swan. Peter Vankevich with the Ocracoke Observer shares observations and photos of the swan that hasn’t been spotted since May 2.

  • March Birding: Fewer Species this Month

    Though March is a transitional month for birdwatchers, there are a handful of birds to keep an eye out for including the swallow-tailed kite, Bonaparte’s gulls, yellow-throated warblers, cedar waxwings and more.

  • New Whale Skeleton Museum Taking Shape

    A new building to house the Bonehenge Whale Center in Beaufort should be completed this year, says Keith Rittmaster, natural science curator at the N.C. Maritime Museum.

  • Birds of Ocracoke: The Snow Bunting

    Peter Vankevich with the Ocracoke Observer fills readers in on the habits of snow buntings, migratory birds most likely to be seen on the upper Outer Banks from late October into March.

  • December Brings New Birds, Annual Count

    December brings migratory waterfowl to the N.C. coast, just in time for Audubon’s Christmas bird count, and the northeastern part of the state offers ample opportunities for bird-watching.