Wildlife & Nature

  • N.C. Aquarium Turns into Turtle Hospital

    The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores last week opened its tanks to five injured or sick baby turtles, the first of the nesting season. Many more are expected.

  • Our Celestial Coast: Jupiter Rules the Night

    Jupiter is the most prominent of the three planets that will be visible through most of April. The month will start with Orion, the hunter, as the most prominent constellation and It will end with the Lyrid meteor shower.

  • Coyotes Emerge as Coastal Predators

    Coyotes are rarely seen in numbers along the N.C. coast but state wildlife officials say there is evidence of large populations here and throughout the state, prompting concerns about pets and livestock and crossbreeding with red wolves.

  • Panthers Still Seize N.C Imagination

    Before the football team, there was the real deal — a magnificent cat that roamed the length and breadth of America. Though it’s been extinct in North Carolina for more than a century, this animal of many names has become an enduring wildlife legend.

  • Photo Contest: And the Winners Are …

    Best of the best: We announce the winners of Coastal Review Online’s 2015 photography contest, a showcase of marine life, coastal scenes and unique perspectives of our natural environment.