Wildlife & Nature

  • Outer Bankers Helping Sea Turtles

    In the second of two stories celebrating the beginning of sea turtle nesting season in May, we take a look at how the NEST volunteer group is helping endangered sea turtles’ chances of survival and inspiring kids to care for the ocean.

  • In Celebration of Turtle Time

    In the first of two stories about the beginning of turtle-nesting season next month, we look at the successful efforts at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area to control predators of sea turtle eggs.

  • A Humdinger Winter for Hummers

    The number of hummingbirds wintering in North Carolina is dramatically increasing. These hummers seem to prefer coastal North Carolina where the Gulf Stream keeps temperatures warmer.

  • The Scotch Bonnet’s 50th Anniversary

    North Carolina was the first state to declare an official state shell 50 years ago this year. The elusive Scotch bonnet is, however, a rare find for beachcombers.

  • Sand Waves: Juggernauts of the Outer Banks

    Large, moving mountains of sand helped shape the northern Outer Banks. Whole communities slowly disappeared beneath them. Two bicycle makers from Ohio made history atop one of the them.

  • Beaver Moon Doesn’t Disappoint

    The cloud cover lifted and the hearts on the boat soared. A full moon hung over Bogue Sound, inspiring the artistic souls of the nature photographers on board.

  • Sea Pansies and Blue Buttons

    Our naturalist Sam Bland spotted these two unusual finds that washed up from the deep ocean on a beach walk in Emerald Isle.

  • Thunder Moon

    Our naturalist Sam Bland explores the lure of full moons on coastal animals and residents and takes stunning photos of a recent “supermoon.”

  • A Wetland for Wood Storks

    Our naturalist Sam Bland kayaks through a wetland along our southeast coast and into the heart of a wood stork rookery. Here are his story and amazing photos.