Featured Photo

If you see news on North Carolina’s coast, please share your photos. See our submissions guidelines page for details.

  • Morning Nectar

    A Palamedes swallowtail butterfly (Papilio palamedes) extends its proboscis to feed on nectar in lantana blooms near the Croatan National Forest in Carteret County. Photo: Mark Hibbs

  • Climb Lookout Light This Sunday

    Visitors to the Cape Lookout National Seashore this weekend will have the opportunity to climb the lighthouse, one of only four chances this year to do so on a Sunday. Photo: Sam Bland

  • Native Plants Offered

    The N.C. Coastal Federation is holding a native plant sale at 3609 N.C. 24 near Newport. Prices start at $4 and plants are selected to be appropriate for the region.

  • Pond Project Progresses

    A worker uses an excavator to slope the bank of a drained pond Friday in Cape Carteret, part of an N.C. Coastal Federation-led project intended to improve water quality in nearby Deer Creek.

  • Realtors Volunteer for Shoreline Work

    Volunteers with the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors plant seedlings to help restore salt marsh habitat as part of a living shoreline project at Carolina Beach State Park.

  • ‘The Otter Way’

    Reader Marilyn Kircus captured this image of river otters at the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.

  • ‘Sea Foam at Sunrise’

    Reader Jim Snyders captured this image of sea foam recently on the beach near the 6800 block of Emerald Isle.

  • ‘Ibis at Rest’

    Reader Terri Chabot captured this pair of immature ibis preening at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington.

  • ‘Nap Time’

    A sleepy barred owl takes advantage of a warm sun beam during the early morning chill.