• El Niño and Hurricanes

    One of the strongest El Ninos on record has formed in the Pacific Ocean and will affect the hurricanes that threaten our coast. We tell you why.

  • Below Normal Hurricane Season Expected

    Although the 2015 hurricane season got off to an early start with Tropical Storm Ana, forecasters say overall tropical weather activity in the Atlantic will likely be below normal.

  • Hurricane Hazel: What We’ve Learned

    In the last of three parts, we take a look at how hurricane forecasting, state planning for emergencies and building codes have changed since Hazel hit 60 years ago today.

  • Hazel: The Benchmark Hurricane

    In the second part of the storm’s 60th anniversary series, we relive Hurricane Hazel with survivors from Brunswick, New Hanover and Carteret counties.

  • Hurricane Hazel 60 Years Later

    Sixty years ago this week, the most powerful hurricane to strike North Carolina devastated much of our coastline. In the first of three parts, we relive Hazel with people who lived through the landfall.

  • Hogs After Floyd: Nothing’s Changed

    Hog lagoons flooded after Hurricane Floyd and state officials made many assurances to change the way hog waste is treated. Fifteen years later and nothing much had changed.

  • The Legacy of Hurricane Floyd

    North Carolina’s worst natural disaster and costliest hurricane made landfall 15 years ago this week. In the first of two parts, we take a look at the legacy Floyd left in its wake.

  • Arthur Spares N.C. Coast

    The hurricane was too small and too fast-moving to do any lasting damage on its Fourth of July sprint up the coast.

  • Remembering Emily and Isabel

    As we head into the height of the hurricane season, we pause to remember two catastrophic hurricanes a decade apart that have significant anniversaries this year.

  • Cleaning Up the Mess Left by Sandy

    Dare County officials say property owners are responsible for removing the remains of houses scattered up and down the beach near Rodanthe on the Outer Banks.