• Sandy Slaps Outer Banks As She Goes By

    The ocean flooded neighborhoods, covered N.C. 12 and felled a pier along the Outer Banks as Hurricane Sandy went by. Hatteras Island is once again cut off from the rest of the world.

  • Living in the Storm Track

    Another hurricane season draws to an end and we here on the coast can begin to breath easier, but it’s worth remember what it’s like to live in the storm’s track.

  • After Irene, an Island Transformed

    After Hurricane Irene passed a year ago, the Outer Banks were transformed. Houses were smashed to pieces, roads were buried under mountains of sand, inlets appeared where there were none. But the Bankers,as always, persevered.

  • Looking Back at Irene

    The strong northeast winds that preceded Hurricane Irene a year ago pushed water away from the Outer Banks. Old hands knew that was a bad sign. Find out why in this reporter’s retrospective.

  • Still Fixing the Damage Left by Irene

    State transportation officials most likely will replace the temporary bridge over the breach on Pea Island left by Irene with a permanent one at the same location, but it will still be months before the long-term fix is chosen for the highway breach in Rodanthe.