Special Reports

  • Nags Head Set to Host Climate Talk

    As the United Nations climate conference gets underway in Paris, North Carolina Sea Grant is preparing to hold a two-day workshop on climate change next week in Nags Head.

  • El Niño and Hurricanes

    One of the strongest El Ninos on record has formed in the Pacific Ocean and will affect the hurricanes that threaten our coast. We tell you why.

  • Offshore Drilling & Morehead City

    While offshore drilling is unlikely to spawn great industrial development along the N.C. coast, Morehead City could become a port to service and supply any drilling rigs off the coast.

  • Poll: Drilling Foes Edge Out Supporters

    Forty-six percent of the respondents in eight N.C. oceanfront counties were opposed to offshore drilling, while 42 percent favored it. The poll is the first of residents who would most likely be affected by drilling.

  • From Ocracoke to New Bern

    Our reporter ends her jaunt along the northern coast after hearing all sides of the offshore drilling debate.

  • Mixed Feelings on Alternative Energy

    Some coastal N.C. residents want to see development of alternative energy sources rather than offshore oil drilling but others aren’t sold on wind or solar.

  • Fishermen See Benefits From Drilling

    Longtime commercial fishermen see little threat from offshore oil drilling and say they expect improved fishing as a result rather than detrimental effects.

  • Necessary Risk or Needless Threat?

    From Corolla to New Bern, opinions on drilling off the coast are rooted in residents’ work experiences and attitudes toward government and the environment.

  • Some Favor Drilling; Others Don’t

    Some people tell our traveling reporter that they’d welcome the jobs offshore drilling might bring; other worry what spills would to the beaches and tourism.

  • Taking the Pulse of the Coast

    Reporters travel the coast to talk with people about offshore drilling. This, the first of a week-long series of stories, begins the journey in Calabash.

  • The Realtors’ View

    Those involved in selling real estate along the southeast N.C. coast differ in how offshore drilling might affect their business.