Special Reports

  • Some Favor Drilling; Others Don’t

    Some people tell our traveling reporter that they’d welcome the jobs offshore drilling might bring; other worry what spills would to the beaches and tourism.

  • Taking the Pulse of the Coast

    Reporters travel the coast to talk with people about offshore drilling. This, the first of a week-long series of stories, begins the journey in Calabash.

  • The Realtors’ View

    Those involved in selling real estate along the southeast N.C. coast differ in how offshore drilling might affect their business.

  • Oil Prospects vs. Tourism Reality

    Coastal N.C. residents worry that promises of economic benefits from offshore oil and gas aren’t worth the risks to their proven, primary industry: tourism.

  • Industry Would Change Landscape

    If oil or natural gas industry comes to the N.C. coast, it will require infrastructure and service facilities and change the way of life here.

  • Industry Works to Prevent Another BP

    Since the Deepwater Horizon, the oil industry has worked hard to improve the safety of drilling in deep water with better standards, practices and equipment.

  • 25 Years Later, Studies Still Needed

    A federal report done in 1992 highlighted research that needed to be done to better gauge the effects of drilling on the N.C. coast. Nothing ever came of it.

  • Benefits Based on Assumptions

    Politicians say states’ investments needed to support offshore oil and gas development warrant revenue sharing but laws must be changed for that to happen.

  • Drilling Pros: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

    Proponents of offshore drilling predict that a massive new workforce could be on North Carolina’s horizon if oil and gas resources are tapped in the Atlantic Ocean.