Special Reports

  • What’s Out There?

    The federal government estimates the amount of recoverable oil in the Atlantic at about 4.7 billion barrels. Natural gas stands at 37.5 trillion cubic feet – but nobody knows.

  • Seismic Tests Not Imminent

    The Atlantic is considered a “frontier” for offshore energy exploration as it hasn’t been a target of oil companies since the early 1980s.

  • Energy Lobby Behind McCrory’s Oil Crusade

    An 18-month investigation by Facing South finds that the Outer Continental Shelf Governors Coalition, chaired by Gov. Pat McCrory, is largely run by two groups tied to the oil and gas industry.

  • An Offshore Timeline

    In general, it can can take anywhere from seven to 10 years from purchase of the lease to the first production for an offshore well in areas that have existing infrastructure.

  • A Look Back at the Mobil Fight

    A proposal by Mobil Oil in the mid-1980s to drill off the Outer Banks set off a fight that pitted the oil company against residents and the state’s governor.

  • Dashed Hopes and Dry Holes

    The history of oil drilling off the East Coast and in North Carolina has been one of dashed hopes and dry holes.