Wood Pellets

  • Pellet Plans Draw Mixed Reviews in Morehead

    Plans to build a wood pellet facility at the state port in Morehead City raise questions about how such a facility may change the face of a town that relies so heavily on tourism. Some are skeptical, others cautiously optimistic.

  • Some Want More Study of Wood Pellet Plans

    The N.C. Coastal Federation has asked for an environmental study of state plans for a wood pellet shipping facility at the port in Morehead City. Others think more safeguards are needed to protect the state’s forests.

  • Can Our Forests Safely Power Europe?

    The rapid growth of the wood pellet industry in North Carolina has raised questions about how the surge to meet the demand of European power companies will affect the state’s 18 million acres of woodlands.

  • Are Wood Pellets Really Green?

    Wood pellets made from N.C. coastal forests will soon be powering utility plants in Europe because of policies there that encourage replacing coal with wood. In this the first of four parts on wood pellets and the N.C. coast, we ask if wood is really better than coal.