• Hyde County Seeks Help With Flooding

    Hyde County officials showed this video to the Coastal Resources Commission during its meeting Thursday in Atlantic Beach to raise awareness about the region’s ongoing flooding problems. Click the headline for more.

  • Coastal Science: How Sea Turtles Use Sound

    Researchers from Gettysburg College traveled from Pennsylvania to the North Carolina coast this past summer to look at how the tiniest sea turtles, loggerhead hatchlings, use sound in their everyday lives. Click the headline for the full story.

  • Coastal Scenes: Ken Humphries, Artist

    Ken Humphries moved to Marshallberg in the mid-1990s to build boats after finishing college. He never left. He spends a lot of time in a tiny wooden workshop behind his home in Marshallberg, where he creates art.

  • Black Skimmmers Take Flight at Bogue Inlet

    Sam Bland captures footage of black skimmers congregate before their migration to Florida for the winter. Habitats found in inlets are important to the black skimmer, which is a species of concern. The bird can be found in North Carolina until mid-November.

  • Dune Over-Wash at Emerald Isle

    Waves wash over dunes at Emerald Isle, N.C., as Hurricane Matthew approaches the North Carolina coast Saturday, Oct. 8. Video by Sam Bland.

  • Duke Touts Climate Change Research

    Duke University says its climate change research extends from the Duke Marine Lab on the coast to the mountains, and Duke faculty and alumni play a big part in making that happen. Read more

  • Another Glimpse of Lena Ritter

    Lena Ritter, a tireless coastal environmental advocate who died Monday at 80, appears briefly in this video the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation produced in 2013 about the North Carolina Coastal Federation’s oyster restoration efforts. Read more

  • First Look at WWII Shipwrecks Off NC Coast

    NOAA and its research partners recently surveyed, for the first time since they sank more than 70 years ago, the remains of two ships that were involved in a convoy battle off North Carolina during World War II. Read more